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Rwandan Single Origin Estate Coffee

Surprisingly, the production of Rwandan coffee only started in 1904, when it was introduced to the country by German missionaries.

The good natural growing conditions, allied with high quality coffee cultivars, has resulted in Rwanda producing some excellent, yet underrated coffee beans. The Rwandan beans also undergo a full wash, which helps to emphasise their fine acidity. The dry finish makes this a wonderfully brisk and lively any-time brew.

DieselTopia's Wandering Robotic Barista says : "A delicious and refreshing coffee, with exceptional aromas of chocolate, tobacco and aniseed. The body is light, with a fruity and complex acidity comparable to that of its more prestigious Kenyan neighbours."

Arletta's Desire


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  • Store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture once opened.

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