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CmDr Gearwood 2023 Elsecar Heritage Centre Steampunk Event Photographer Dave Dennis

The Story Of DieselTopia

DieselTopia is a testament to the power of community and the resilience of the human spirit, and serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. To understand this, let's look back to the beginnings of DieselTopia.


Andrew struggled for many years with undiagnosed trauma and mental health issues which led to poor decisions and reckless choices, culminating in suicidal behaviours. In 2011, several catastrophic life events inexorably led to Andrew becoming street homeless in London.


Surviving this tumultuous period of difficult change tested Andrew to his limits, but he found

help and support from two extremely powerful allies. As a former Territorial Army Soldier and Royal Navy Reserve, Andrew was helped by both Veterans Aid and SSAFA. These amazing organisations rescued Andrew from the streets.


However, this was just the beginning of Andrew's path to recovery. With help, love and support from friends within the Steampunk Community, Andrew was able to pursue his love for Steampunk and Dieselpunk, giving him purpose and inspiration throughout his journey. Ultimately, this helped to turn his life around.

The continued support of the Steampunk Community helped Andrew turn passion and

ideas into a creative outlet, focusing on costumes, props, and accessories. DieselTopia was founded in 2015 and began vending at Steampunk events, and online through Facebook.


Today, DieselTopia is a successful trading company selling Steampunk and Alternative themed, quality artisan coffee, tea, and related products. All are crafted with love and care in Yorkshire, where Andrew has made his new forever home with his partner, Rachel.


DieselTopia is committed to building a better tomorrow today for everyone. Every positive action affirmed and target reached is paid  forward through social enterprise.


Thank you for taking time to read about DieselTopia. Fuel your day with style and grace, and as always, Be Splendid!


With much love,

CmDr Gearwood


May 2023

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