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This Vanlifers Safe Space UK Special Blend supports the work of Vanlifers Safe Space UK and every purchase made includes a minimum 10% of profits donation to VSS.

Our VSS special blend falls somewhere between Dieseltopia's Clockwork Caffeine and Coffee Coffee Bang Bang on the palate and has some of the best elements of both.

The blend contains Central and South American single origins, which are then seasoned with a dash of Monsoon Malabar to create a smooth espresso with depth and a lovely crema. When served with milk, the Monsoon Malabar spice cuts through, taming the acidity coming from the Central and South American beans. This blend has a lovely toasted spice finish.

The DieselTopia Wandering Robotic Barista says "There is a lot of sweetness in this blend and it works really well as a ristretto, to really concentrate the dark caramel flavours."

Grown in the sun, Made in Yorkshire.

All our coffee is roasted and blended in Sheffield by experts.

DieselTopia's Steel City Steampunk Coffee Co is a small independent, veteran & vanlifer owned, Steampunk enterprise for Steampunks, by Steampunks, featuring real Steampunks on the products, showcasing the community, and its makers and artists. Every purchase contributes to strengthening this connection between art and community.

Please visit for more info, amazing artefacts and delicious tea & coffee. With love & thanks, CmDr Gearwood

Vanlifers Safe Space UK Special Blend

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£11.99Sale Price

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  • Smooth, sweet, strong with caramel & a touch of spice.

  • Store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, heat & moisture.

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